Three new publications on measuring women’s control of assets, time use, and agency

Three new papers with IFPRI authors are out as World Bank Policy Research Working Papers: Measuring Ownership, Control, and Use of Assets (Doss, Cheryl; Kieran, Caitlin; Kilic, Talip)  Measuring Time Use in Development Settings (Seymour, Greg; Malapit, Hazel Jean; Quisumbing, Agnes R.) Measuring Women’s Agency (Donald, Aletheia Amalia; Koolwal, Gayatri B.; Annan, Jeannie Ruth; Falb, >> Read more

Reducing rural women’s domestic workload through labour-saving technologies and practices toolkit

IFAD has released a toolkit on reducing rural women’s domestic workload with the following components: Teaser describes why labour-saving technologies and practices are needed to reduce women’s domestic workload and the benefits to be gained, with examples from IFAD-supported projects. How To Do note offers practical guidance to help practitioners address this issue in the >> Read more

New FAO publication: Running out of time: The Reduction of women’s work burden in agricultural production

Abstract: Based on a broad literature review, this publication discusses rural women’s time poverty in agriculture, elaborates on its possible causes and implications and provides insight into the various types of constraints that affect the adoption of solutions for reducing work burden. This paper raises questions about the adequacy of women’s access to technologies, services >> Read more

IFPRI Policy Seminar: It Is Time – Gendered Time Use in Agriculture-Nutrition Pathways

Thursday, May 7th, 2015 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm EDT Please join for lunch beginning at 11:45 am Live webcast will be available here at the scheduled time. Moderator: John McDermott, A4NH, IFPRI Panel: Mark Blackden, World Bank (Ret.); Krista Jacobs, USAID Bureau for Food Security; Deborah Johnston, SOAS, University of London & Leverhulme Centre for Integrative >> Read more