Resource: Presentations on women and land access from World Bank Annual Land Policy Conference

THEME 3: RESEARCH AND CAPACITY BUILDING CAP1: Improving women’s land access: Options and lessons Chair: M. Verveer, Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues, USA Does inheritance law reform increase women’s access to assets? Evidence from South India A. Goyal, World Bank Policy reform towards gender equality in Ethiopia: Little by little the egg begins >> Read more

Event (DC): “The Power of Property Rights and Other Key Factors in Ending Poverty”

Please join us this THURSDAY, April 29th, at 4pm to celebrate the introduction of the Global Resources for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act! "The Power of Property Rights and Other Key Factors in Ending Poverty" Thursday, April 29th 4 - 5pm U.S. Capitol Building Room HC-6 Speakers will include: Conresswoman Nita M. Lowey; Ritu Sharma, >> Read more

News: The High Stakes on Land

"Research repeatedly demonstrates that when women gain control over land, they also gain control over their circumstances. Property rights can enable female farmers to produce better crops, widows to avoid eviction, girls to escape domestic violence and HIV-stigma, and women worldwide to devote more resources to the well-being of their family and ultimately their society. >> Read more

Resource: Gates Gender and Land Powerpoint

To view the presentation Authors: IIED and CEPA; Alan Rennison, Lorenzo Cotula, Julian Quan, Rebecca Leonard, and Camila Toulmin.

News: Malawi Patrilineal Inheritance Prevents Women’s Access to Land

"LILONGWE, Mar 9 (IPS) - Mercy Gondwe, 51, from Rumphi in northern Malawi, was married for 34 years. When her husband died in 2008, she assumed she would inherit the land they had been cultivating together since they got married. But this was not the case. Gondwe’s brother-in-law took over the ownership of the land >> Read more

Net Resource: Good Web Resource on Gender & Climate Change, Land Tenure etc.

Check out this website from the International Union for Conservation of Nature /Gender and Environment.

Database: Widespread Gender Gap in Land Rights Spotlighted by New Online FAO Database

Gender and Land Rights Database, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations This Database contains Country level information on social, economic, political and cultural issues related to the gender inequalities embedded in those rights.  The Database offers information on national legal frame, international treaties and convetions, customary law, land tenure and related instituions, civil >> Read more