Special Issue of Gender, Technology, and Development: Gender, Climate Change and Agriculture

The Journal of Gender, Technology, and Development has a special issue on gender, climate change, and agriculture, with articles free for download! Articles touch on ICT, cookstoves, climate smart agriculture, micro-insurance, and more.

Multimedia: Gender and ICT


Resource: Supporting the Advancement of Women in ICT

Jidaw Systems, the socially driven ICT firm in Nigeria has provided the following resources and events to support the empowerment of women with ICTs. Women in ICT - Moving up the Value Chain  Why are so few women in ICT? What must be done to advance and empower women with ICTs? The future more...

Article: CAMEROON– Profits Were Only a Phone Call Away

Ngala Killian Chimtom YAOUNDÉ, Dec 6 - These are awkward times for the men in the middle in Cameroon's Western Highlands. A profitable niche buying produce cheaply on farms, and supplying farmers with seed and fertiliser at premium prices has been shattered by the sound of a cellphone ringing. MORE >>

News: gender implications of ICTs

ICT Boom for Economy, A Bust for Some Women By Rosebell Kagumire KAMPALA, Nov 25, 2010 (IPS) - The rapid growth of the ICT market in Uganda has been greeted with optimism over its potential to boost the country’s development. But less attention is being paid to the increase in gender based violence due to >> Read more

Publication: Bridging the Gender Divide; How Technology Can Advance Women Economically

Intention and innovation can generate real economic benefits to women in the developing world. In a groundbreaking study, ICRW examines technology initiatives that have enabled women to develop their economic potential, become stronger leaders and more effective contributors to their families, communities and domestic economies. Specifically, these efforts helped women increase their productivity, create new >> Read more

News: ICT for Development A Global Electronic Game to Address Violence against Women

This episodic, interactive electronic game and social networking application, delivered globally via web and mobile technology, aims to engage, educate, and change attitudes of boys aged 8-15 years around the subject of violence against women. Employing the global popularity of football (soccer), the game design links the winning benefits of respect on the playing field >> Read more

News: Women & Mobile A Global Opportunity

A study on the mobile phone gender gap in low and middle-income countries by GSMA Development Fund, the Cherie Blair Foundation & Vital Wave Consulting "Mobile phone ownership in low and middle-income countries has skyrocketed in the past several years. But a woman is still 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a >> Read more

News: Focus on Women, Microcredit, ICT & Gendercide in Recent Economist Issues

Wominnovation, Economist, March 9 "Two recent innovations have garnered a lot of attention for the way they empower women. One is microcredit, a system of lending to very poor people, the majority of whom are female microentrepreneurs who are thus helped to climb out of poverty. The other is the mobile phone, which among other >> Read more