Fraternité Matin, one of the largest circulating newspapers in Cote d’Ivoire, published a new French Nourishing the Planet opinion editorial on the role of women as the guardians of food security. To read

News: Rural Haitian Women Organize for Food Sovereignty and More

"If we rural women can organize ourselves together to form a bloc, we could accomplish a lot of things," says Yvette Michaud, founder of the National Coordinating Committee of Peasant Women (KONAFAP by its Creole acronym). The committee is a first-ever effort to unite, on a national basis, the voices and interests of this large >> Read more

News: A Food Program That’s Not About Food

"Last year, the New York Times splashed stark images of child malnutrition in India's hinterland across its front page. More recently, another front-page article in the Times reminded the world that India's hunger problem hasn't gone anywhere and told the story of how various social-safety-net programs have failed to help. As the article explains, India >> Read more

News:Status of Female Farmers Rises During Food Crisis

The women who grow more than half the world's agricultural produce have gained international recognition and aid since the start of the global food crisis in 2007.(..)Last March in two counties in northern Liberia, the World Food Programme, known as WFP, began purchasing rice from local communities for school nutrition programs, rather than importing food >> Read more

Funding: USAID

USAID is seeking concept papers first and then full applications from prospective partners to implement activities that create opportunities for women’s leadership and gender equality in addressing food security needs. These activities will contribute to the body of knowledge and effective tools for comprehensive integration of gender issues throughout USAID development, humanitarian and transition work. >> Read more

Multimedia: Who feeds the world 2010 and beyond? Gender equity in agricultural research and development Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Technical Meeting, May 31, 2010, St. Petersburg

Presentation made by Eija Pehu, Agricultural Science Advisor, The World Bank With inputs from Ruth Meinzen-Dick  and team at IFPRI Access the presentation here


Author: Stella Mikalista Journal: African Journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development The factors that hinder farm intensification process among smallholders in Kenya are many and varied. These factors are not gender neutral; they affect the ability of both men and women to achieve greater productivity in agriculture. Lack of farm intensification contributes to stagnation >> Read more

Publication: Women, Food Security and Agriculture in a Global Marketplace

New directions in development assistance and agricultural investments must recognize and support women's involvement in the full agricultural value chain from production to processing to marketing. This report reviews current thinking and practice on increasing agricultural productivity, both subsistence and commercial agriculture, and examines what is known about women's roles in both sectors. by Rekha >> Read more

News: Giving Women Farmers a Boost in Nicaragua

By José Adán Silva Source: IPS Genderwire MANAGUA, Jun 1, 2010 (IPS) - Josefina Rodríguez very nearly lost her life trying to protect the small plot of farmland in rural Nicaragua that allows her to support her family. Twelve years ago her husband wanted to sell the land, and when she stood up to him, >> Read more

News: Rekha Mehra and David Kauck, ICRW, on issues facing women’s farmers

Rekha Mehra, director economic development, and David Kauck, senior gender and agriculture specialist, provide an insightful analysis on practical measures needed to address critical issues facing women farmers (particularly given the release of the new US govt. hunger and food security initiative) at the Katrine Chronicals Blog.  Go to the post or read the text >> Read more