News: Farming Butterflies Puts Food on the Table

By Ntandoyenkosi Ncube (IPS Genderwire) KAKAMEGA FOREST, Kenya, Apr 24, 2010 (IPS) - For 10 years, Roselyne Shikami, sold boiled eggs at the bus station just outside the densely wooded Kakamega Forest in western Kenya, near the border with Uganda. Now she is selling butterflies. "It was very difficult for me to sell two dozen >> Read more

Resources: (English & French) A Practical Guide to Integrating Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS into Grant Proposals to the Global Fund

Karen Hardee, Jill Gay and Elisha Dunn-Georgiou Integrating RH and HIV can greatly contribute to mitigating the AIDS pandemic by reducing unintended pregnancy; preventing perinatal transmission; expanding to more target groups; reducing gender based violence; meeting the needs of people living with HIV and providing our youth with the knowledge and services they need. Whether >> Read more

Event (DC): “Engendering Agricultural Research”

IFPRI is pleased to announce a joint seminar with the World Bank and IFAD titled "Engendering Agricultural Research” by Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Ph.D. (Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI) Thursday, April 29th 2010 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Library—4th Floor (NOTE ROOM CHANGE) 2033 K Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20006 Abstract: In this seminar Ruth Meinzen-Dick will present >> Read more

Publication: Nutritional supplementation in girls influences the growth of their children: prospective study in Guatemala

Jere R Behrman, Maria C Calderon, Samuel H Preston, John Hoddinott, Reynaldo Martorell and Aryeh D Stein Background: Better early childhood nutrition improves schooling, adult health, skills, and wages, but there is little evidence regarding its effect on the next generation. Objective: We assessed whether nutritional supplementation in children aged <7 to 15 y affected >> Read more

Funding: research on “Women’s rights and gender equality”

Norway has several RfPs available in order to strengthen Norwegian research on and for development in low- and middle-income countries as well as strengthen research capacity in these countries. There are opportunities available for research on “Women’s rights and gender equality” and “Globalisation of the environment, energy and climate research”. For more information

Event (livestream): TEDxWorldBankGroup via live webcast

This year’s event will be on the Global Challenges in the New Decade encouraging conversation and debates on critical issues such as gender, climate change, agriculture and water. We hope you join our event and share your thoughts and ideas. Click here to view event, on Friday April 23, 2010 - 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 >> Read more

Publications: Gender & Development an evaluation of World Bank support 2002-2006

In 2001 the World Bank adopted a gender equality policy as a means to help reduce poverty. This policy was outlined in Integrating Gender into the World Bank's Work: A Strategy for Action (referred as the 2001 Gender Strategy). Through this evaluation the Independent Evaluation Group finds that the World Bank made progress in gender >> Read more

Event (livestream): Meeting today for the launch of the GAFSP initiative

On Thursday morning, Secretary Geithner will meet with Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bill Gates, Canadian Finance Minister James Flaherty, Spanish Second Vice President and Minister of Finance Elena Salgado, South Korean Finance Minster Yoon Jeung-Hyun and World Bank President Robert Zoellick at Treasury to discuss a >> Read more

News: PHILIPPINES Women’s College Corrects Gender Miseducation

MANILA, Apr 16 (IPS) - Flip open a typical textbook used in many Philippine schools and you will likely find images of women illustrating verbs such as ‘cook’ or ‘clean’, but hardly appearing anywhere much in economics and history textbooks. These are examples of the gender miseducation that textbooks in this South-east Asian country often >> Read more

Publication (book): Food, diversity, vulnerability and social change Research findings from insular Southeast Asia

By: Anke Niehof (Wageningen University) Book Series: Food, diversity, vulnerability and social change 2010, 144 pages, paperback, Mansholt Series - ISSN 1871-9309, Volume 9 Food is a universal basic need. The diverse ways in which people and households try to meet this need, the constraints they are up against in doing so, and the strategies >> Read more