Publication: Patterns and trends of child and maternal nutrition inequalities in Nigeria

Author: Omilola, Babatunde (IFPRI) IFPRI Discussion Paper. Despite the fact that nonincome dimensions of well-being such as nutrition and health are now placed on the global development agenda, substantial gaps remain in our knowledge about patterns and trends in nutrition inequalities in many developing countries. The main objective of this paper is to document a >> Read more

Publication: The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty; Concepts, Research, Policy

Edited by Sylvia Chant, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK In the interests of contextualising (and nuancing) the multiple interrelations between gender and poverty, Sylvia Chant has gathered writings on diverse aspects of the subject from a range of disciplinary and professional perspectives, achieving extensive thematic as well as geographical coverage. This benchmark >> Read more

Publication: Engendering Agricultural Research

This IFPRI Discussion Paper makes a case for gender equity in the agricultural R&D system. It reviews the evidence on exactly why it is important to pay attention to gender issues in agriculture and why it is necessary to recognize women’s distinct food-security roles throughout the entire value chain—for both food and nonfood crops, marketed >> Read more

Publication: A review of empirical evidence on gender differences in nonland agricultural inputs, technology, and services in developing countries

This IFPRI Discussion Paper reviews existing microeconomic empirical literature on gender differences in use, access, and adoption of nonland agricultural inputs in developing countries. This review focuses on four key areas: (1) technological resources, (2) natural resources, (3) human resources, and (4) social and political capital. In general, there has been more empirical research on >> Read more

Publication: Development Collection Number 4: Gender and Human Development

Gender and empowerment is a focus for Development as the journal revisits human development in 2010. In this latest Collection, leading voices in the gender and empowerment debate are reprinted as a major resource accompanying volume 53. Development has always had a strong gender critique, with some of the most important gender analysts writing regularly >> Read more

Publication: Cultivating Global Food Security A Strategy for U.S. Leadership on Productivity, Agricultural Research, and Trade

By Johanna Nesseth Tuttle, J. Stephen Morrison, Senator Robert P. Casey Jr., Senator Richard G. Lugar, and Representative Betty McCollum, cochairs Apr 27, 2010 These recommendations from leaders in government, business, academia, and the nongovernmental and philanthropy communities emphasize the importance of U.S. leadership and commitment to improving food security and making agriculture a priority >> Read more

Publication: Gender and Development: An Evaluation of World Bank Support, 2002-08

Gender and Development: An Evaluation of World Bank Support, 2002-08 This book assesses the effectiveness of the World Bank's 2001 gender strategy and the results from it. Findings include include redoubling efforts to institutionalize the accountability framework and develop the monitoring system envisioned in the 2001 Gender Strategy, establishing a results framework, and restoring a >> Read more

Publication: (World Bank) Economic Opportunities for Women in the East Asia and Pacific Region

Economic Opportunities for Women in the East Asia and Pacific Region By Amanda Ellis, Daniel Kirkwood, and Dhruv Malhotra This book brings together data and available evidence on the constraints that female entrepreneurs in the East Asia and the Pacific Region region face with regard to: access to assets, business regulations and governance issues, and >> Read more

Publication: Gender and Land Tenure

One Billion Rising: Law, Land and the Alleviation of Global Poverty (AUP - Leiden University Press) (Paperback) Roy Prosterman (Editor), Robert Mitchell (Editor), Timothy Hanstad (Editor) Chapter 5 on Gender and Land Tenure by Renee Giovarelli. To access preview via google books

Publication: Nutritional supplementation in girls influences the growth of their children: prospective study in Guatemala

Jere R Behrman, Maria C Calderon, Samuel H Preston, John Hoddinott, Reynaldo Martorell and Aryeh D Stein Background: Better early childhood nutrition improves schooling, adult health, skills, and wages, but there is little evidence regarding its effect on the next generation. Objective: We assessed whether nutritional supplementation in children aged <7 to 15 y affected >> Read more