Opinion: Bringing women out of the shadows By MICHELLE BACHELET

Since democracy was restored two decades ago, Chile has worked hard to progress in areas as essential as the reestablishement of the rule of law, the protection of human rights and the consolidation of freedom, stability and governance as well as economic growth, social progress and freedom of the press. Chile has grown faster than >> Read more

Opinion: A less visible solution to hunger

DAVID KAUCK is senior gender and agriculture specialist at the International Center for Research on Women in Washington "As they gather this month for the World Food Prize Symposium, government leaders, multilateral institutions, civil society and private corporations will again discuss international hunger. Their usual response to this issue is to beef up agricultural production >> Read more

Opinion: “Three Early Moves for Michelle Bachelet’s UN “Start-Up” for Women”

Interesting commentary from Nandini OOmman on the CGD website, see the link below: http://blogs.cgdev.org/globaldevelopment/2010/09/three-early-moves-for-michelle-bachelet%E2%80%99s-un-%E2%80%9Cstart-up%E2%80%9D-for-women.php?utm_source=nl_weekly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_weekly_09202010

Opinion: Where domestic smoke and gender are killers–The biggest cause of death in low-income countries affects mostly women and is solvable. So why are we ignoring it?

by: claire melamed guardian.co.uk Looking through the World Health Organisation's figures on causes of death the other day (it's a cheerful life, being a development researcher), I was reminded of an astonishing – and shaming – fact. The biggest cause of death in low-income countries is not HIV, TB or malaria, not maternal mortality or >> Read more

Opinion: Empowering the mothers of Africa, by Grace Mukasa

"In his blog last month about the experiences of Katine women who are participating in village savings schemes, Richard M Kavuma was right to conclude that there is still much to do to change attitudes towards women's empowerment. And it is not only the attitudes of men that need to change, but also of women >> Read more