Quick reads on gender and agriculture: time use, migration, and nutrition

Collecting accurate time use data is notoriously challenging, and gender norms relating to definitions of work can even further obscure accurate time use reporting. Monica Jain of HarvestPlus offers her lessons learned on addressing complexities of measuring women's time use in Bangladesh on the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) Gender-Nutrition Idea Exchange blog. On the SecureNutrition blog, Nitya >> Read more

New Partnerships Aim to Improve Data on Women and Girls

The World Bank Group, UN agencies, and Data2X are aiming to fill vast data gaps related to women and girls and taking on a global assessment of the value of women’s work, as part of a broad effort to empower them and end extreme poverty. Read the announcement here.

COP20: Climate change negotiators must consider the role of rural women

Outreach Magazine, a multi-stakeholder magazine on climate and development, has published a series of articles on climate change and gender for COP20, including a new post from Claudia Ringler, Deputy Director of IFPRI's Environment and Production Technology Division, on including women in the current climate change negotiations. She writes: As smallholder farmers in many parts of the world, women play >> Read more

In celebration of International Day of Rural Women: Seven reasons rural women are key to climate adaptation

Originally posted on IFPRI.org: http://www.ifpri.org/blog/un-international-day-rural-women We know more and more about what our planet faces as climate change intensifies and greenhouse gas emissions lead us on a probably irreversible path of global warming and uncertain rainfall patterns, at least for the next four decades. As policymakers prepare for another round of climate change negotiations in December in >> Read more

Investments in Women Can End Global Hunger

Commentary - Investments in Women Can End Global Hunger By Catherine Bertini *Reblogged from The Chicago Council on Global Affairs Ending hunger and ending poverty are goals on which we all agree. The world has thousands of schemes to attempt to achieve these goals, but we often overlook the simplest, most direct and effective method >> Read more

Article in Foreign Policy by Melinda Gates: Bridging the Gender Gap

In a recent article on Foreign Policy's website, Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, digs into the issue of how the lives of women and girls around the world can be improved through the collection of data. She points to the UN panel's recommendation for the new set of MDGs that >> Read more

News: Secretary Clinton Highlights Food Security, Gender Equity, and Economic Growth during Tour of African Continent

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently returned from a trip to Sub-Saharan Africa where she met with leaders in many countries, including Malawi, home to $51 million in USAID's Feed the Future resources. For the full article on her trip, click here. For more on the Feed the Future initiative, click here.

News: Counting on Women in Development

Article on gender analysis and development policy, by UNCSTD gender advisor Shirley Malcom. For the full article, click here.

News: Children of Empowered Women Grew Taller

Care and USAID highlights dramatic drop in child malnutrition and provides an inside look at a program called SHOUHARDO that combined nutritional support with women's empowerment initiatives to reduce child stunting, a key measure of malnutrition, by 28 percent in less than four years. That's twice the rate of the average U.S. government-funded food aid >> Read more

News: 2010 Society for the Anthropology of Work Book Prize awarded to The Gender of Globalization (SAR Press)

You can access the Table of Contents, read excerpts and the external reviews of the book at this link of the publisher:  http://sarweb.org/?sar_press_gender_of_globalization-p:sar_press_advanced_seminar_series