News: Gender Aware Response to Natural Disasters

"Any response to natural disasters should bear in mind the gender dynamics that disadvantage women and recognize that the disasters can present an opportunity for establishing some sort of balance where there was none before. Reconstruction can be an important time to right gender wrongs. For instance, deeds to new houses can be registered jointly >> Read more

News: Cocoa farmers cooperative empowering women in Cote d’Ivoire’s Sud Bandama region

"Women have grown cocoa here for decades, but on farms owned by their husbands or male partners. Agathe wants to put an end to traditions that make access to land a “men’s affair”. Coffee-cocoa farms owned by women, not only extend their involvement in agriculture beyond growing foodstuffs but ensure that women become business partners, >> Read more

News: Malawi Patrilineal Inheritance Prevents Women’s Access to Land

"LILONGWE, Mar 9 (IPS) - Mercy Gondwe, 51, from Rumphi in northern Malawi, was married for 34 years. When her husband died in 2008, she assumed she would inherit the land they had been cultivating together since they got married. But this was not the case. Gondwe’s brother-in-law took over the ownership of the land >> Read more

News: ‘Women: The “Secret Weapon” Against Hunger and Poverty’

"Worldwide, women and girls bear the brunt of poverty, hunger and discrimination, comprising more than 60 percent of the world’s chronically hungry – now charted at a record one billion people. Inherited hunger – when malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished children – is a huge obstacle to development, from Afghanistan to Haiti." Reuters, March >> Read more

News: Focus on Women, Microcredit, ICT & Gendercide in Recent Economist Issues

Wominnovation, Economist, March 9 "Two recent innovations have garnered a lot of attention for the way they empower women. One is microcredit, a system of lending to very poor people, the majority of whom are female microentrepreneurs who are thus helped to climb out of poverty. The other is the mobile phone, which among other >> Read more