EVENT: World Food Assistance 2017 – Taking Stock and Looking Ahead with WFP

The World Food Programme is hosting an event to promote their latest report, "World Food Assistance 2017 - Taking Stock and Looking Ahead with WFP". IFPRI will host the event at their new office location, 1201 Eye St. NW. You can also access the event via a live web broadcast. At a moment when protracted >> Read more

EVENT: Women Entrepreneurs: What Really Helps Them Start and Grow Businesses?

The Center for Global Development is hosting a discussion about women's entrepreneurship and growing their businesses. The event will occur on Thursday, September 7th from 11:00am - 12:30pm at the Center's office (2055 L St. NW - Fifth Floor, Washington, DC 20036). Policymakers in rich and poor countries interested in boosting growth increasingly view women >> Read more

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Oxfam needs a consultant for Nepal land reform project

Access the original posting webpage here. Background In Nepalese society, the right to land is an important aspect of identity and a critical determinant of economic well-being, social status, and political power (College of Development Studies, 2013). In Nepal, approximately 73 per cent of women are engaged in agriculture, contributing to all stages from management >> Read more

NEW FROM IFPRI AUTHORS: Ensuring women’s access to irrigation in the household: Beyond quotas

The following post was written by Nicole Lefore, as related to the Innovation Lab for Small-Scale Innovation (ILSSI) project. You can read more about ILSSI here and view the original blog post here. * * * Donors and governments rely on quotas as a primary indicator in many projects and programs to try to increase women’s participation >> Read more

PUBLICATION: Gender Dimensions on Farmers’ Preferences for Direct-Seeded Rice with Drum Seeder in India

This study measures the willingness of male and female farmers to pay for climate-smart technology in rice. Rice is the most important crop in India in terms of area, production, and consumption. It is also the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions among all crops. Direct-seeded rice (DSR) with drum seeder, a climate-smart technology, requires >> Read more

EVENT: Digital Financial Services Debate Webinar with the Grameen Foundation

The Grameen Foundation will replicate a debate held during the 2017 Women's Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum on the best way the close the digital financial services (DFS) Gender Gap. One side will offer the proposition that digital platforms allow for more specialized and focused financial products. Using behavioral economics, our sector should focus on developing products >> Read more

RESOURCE: Special Issue on Masculinities in Water Governance

CGIAR's Water, Land, and and Ecosystems supported the development of a special issue of Engineering Studies that focused on masculinities in water governance. You can access WLE's articles, and those from other contributors, here.

New from IFPRI authors: What happens after technology adoption? Gendered aspects of small-scale irrigation technologies in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania

Authors: Sophie Theis, Nicole Lefore, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Elizabeth Bryan Paper available for download here. Abstract: A wide range of agricultural technologies are promoted to increase or stabilize yields and incomes, improve food security or nutrition, and even empower women. Yet a gender gap in adoption remains for many agricultural technologies, even for those that are promoted >> Read more

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of Transnational Corporation

This is a call for papers for a special issue of UNCTAD's peer-reviewed journal, Transnational Corporation. Multinational enterprises in the agricultural and extractive sectors are increasingly adopting voluntary guidelines for economic, social, and environmental responsibility along their supply chains, but these initiatives have moved slowly and unevenly to address gender inequities and inequalities in the communities where they operate. The issue will focus on the policies, laws, sustainability standards, guidelines, and certification criteria that shape the gendered outcomes >> Read more

EVENT: IFPRI’s Datathon August 11, 2017

On August 11, researchers and practitioners interested in intersections of gender, climate change, and nutrition in Bangladesh are invited to participate in IFPRI’s Gender, Climate, and Nutrition Integration Initiative (GCAN) Datathon! What’s a DATATHON, you ask? It’s a mix of learning, collaborating, and competing as participants analyze a harmonized dataset from Bangladesh to answer specific questions listed >> Read more