NEW FROM CG AUTHORS: Gender and social targeting in plant breeding

TITLE: Gender and social targeting in plant breeding CITATION: Orr, A., Cox, C.M., Ru, Y. and Ashby, J. 2018. Gender and social targeting in plant breeding. CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative Working Paper 1. Lima (Peru): CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative ABSTRACT: Gender and social targeting can improve the relevance and effectiveness of plant-breeding programs serving resource-poor farmers, >> Read more

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Gender Consultant for JFAO

The consultant will prepare a fundraising strategy, developing manuals and policies for JFAO, and an action plan for the fundraising strategy covering at minimum the current program/project cycle. They will conduct a contextual analysis of the fundraising environment and funding gaps at JFAO; develop a systematic approach to donor visibility; undertake research to locate promising grants; >> Read more

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: SEEP Conference in Ocotber 2018

The SEEP Annual Conference will take place October 1-3 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, located in the Washington DC area. This year’s conference theme, Collaboration for Impact, will explore the meaning and challenges of working across organizations and sectors to achieve greater and longer lasting change. The conference will emphasize four Technical Tracks: >> Read more

WEBINAR: Her Land Her Story Strengthening Women’s Land Rights

Webinar: Her Land Her Story, Closing the Gap on Women’s Land Rights. This interactive webinar is co-hosted by The Land Portal Foundation, the Cadasta Foundation and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and TN10 will host a webinar that highlights the critical links between securing women’s land rights and promoting sustainable development. DATE: April 20th, from 9:30 – 11:00 >> Read more

JOB OPPORTUNITY: B&M Gates Foundation Consultant

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is looking for a Consultant in Gender Integration & Agricultural Development. This is a consultancy of up to 25 hours per week beginning now and ending March 2019. This consultancy will assist with the technical needs of the Gender Equality team’s gender integration with the Agricultural Development team. The aim >> Read more

NET RESOURCES: Research Consortium for women’s land rights.

Resource Equity has recently launched a Research Consortium. The purpose of the Research Consortium is to share knowledge about enhancing women's land rights. Access the research consortium here to begin sharing your ideas with other gender development professionals!

NEW FROM IFPRI AUTHORS: Using natural areas and empowering women to buffer food security and nutrition from climate shocks: Evidence from Ghana, Zambia, and Bangladesh

ABSTRACT: As climate change makes precipitation shocks more common, policymakers are becoming increasingly interested in protecting food systems and nutrition outcomes from the damaging effects of droughts and floods (Wheeler and von Braun, 2013). Increasing the resilience of nutrition and food security outcomes is especially critical throughout agrarian parts of the developing world, where human >> Read more

NEW FROM IFPRI AUTHORS: Overcoming gender gaps in rural mechanization: Lessons from reaper-harvester service provision in Bangladesh

ABSTRACT: The introduction of new agricultural technologies is never gender-neutral, but the differential changes are not always immediately evident. While the most visible gender gaps between men and women appear in the hands-on use of technologies, in the case of agricultural machinery, gender differences also arise in farmers’ ability to rent and hire machinery. To >> Read more

EVENT: Pathways from women’s group-based programs to nutrition change in South Asia

Webinar: Pathways from women’s group-based programs to nutrition change in South Asia: a conceptual framework and literature review – CGIAR with Neha Kumar In the paper related to this webinar, the authors propose a framework outlining pathways through which women's group participation may facilitate improvements in nutrition, and provide a review of the evidence of these pathways in >> Read more

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Women’s Refugee Commission seeking a Research Officer

Women's Refugee Commission The Research Officer will report directly to Director, Sexual and Reproductive Health with technical guidance from a senior research advisor to support the design, implementation and analysis of high quality research efforts across diverse technical areas at the WRC.  This position is a full-time position based in New York with up to >> Read more