CALL FOR PAPERS: STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF WOMEN: Obstacles and Opportunities in Rural and Agricultural Areas

STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF WOMEN: Obstacles and Opportunities in Rural and Agricultural Areas
The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) are looking for papers that cut across the fields of economics, political science and sociology on gender issues in rural and agricultural areas for the WatchLetter n°40
  • Deadline for submissions/summary (max. 1000 characters including Title): 23 March 2018
  • Langage: English and French (see documents enclosed)
In the Mediterranean, there are significant development gaps between and within countries, but when considering the common economic, socio-political and environmental challenges that the region must overcome, we can perceive a promising path for the achievement of a sustainable and inclusive growth where women could play a major role provided that their potential is acknowledged and unlocked and that the struggle against gender inequality takes centre stage in public and private policy. 
The Watch Letter n°40 will try to put the different situations in the Mediterranean into perspective by analyzing the challenges and opportunities related to strengthening the role of rural women in the economic, social, legal and political spheres. 
Contributions can have a national, regional, thematic (climate, migration, education and employment, access to services and resources ...) or sectoral (agriculture, fisheries, livestock, crafts, entrepreneurship, politics, etc.) approach. 
The analyses should help to better understand the challenges but also the opportunities of the gender approach in rural, coastal and agricultural sustainable development initiatives and policies. They will also help to identify levers and good practices for the empowerment of women at three interrelated levels (macro, meso and micro) such as:
  • The enforcement of laws and regulations ;
  • The integration of gender dimension in the rural and agricultural policies and objectives ;
  • Strengthening women access to innovation, productive assets, services and infrastructures, including the access to land and property, to markets and to quality transport;
  • Fostering women’s and girls’ access to education, training and mentoring;
  • Ensuring women’s access to decent work in agricultural areas
  • Support the participation and leadership of women in rural organizations
  • Support to the participation of women and girls to scientific and research networks in the fields of food and nutrition security, natural resources management, sustainable and inclusive rural and coastal development, climate change adaptation and mitigations strategies, animal and plant health etc.
  • The adoption of gender-sensitive budgets to ensure fair distribution of resources
  • The reduction and redistribution of unpaid agricultural work and domestic labour etc. 
The analyses will also attempt to include considerations on the general lack of available sex-disaggregated data at the rural level and in agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors    

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