EVENT: Women’s Land Rights in India and the SDGs Webinar

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In partnership with the Center for Land Governance (NRMC) and the WGWLO (The Working Group on Women and Land Ownership), the Land Portal is holding an online discussion on Women’s Land Rights in India in the Context of the SDGs from 30th October – 10th November 2017 and would like to invite you to contribute to the discussion.

The discussion is facilitated by Pranab Choudhury from NRMC and Sejal Dave from WGWLO are the dialogue facilitators. So far we have 50 comments, including international comments from Eileen Wakesho, Everlyne Nairesiae, Esther Obaikol, Elke Matthaei and others, and of course a huge range of comments from women’s land rights activists in India.

The dialogue is open to anyone with an interest in land issues. To make a contribution to the discussion, first register here.

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