CALL FOR ABSTRACTS & PAPERS: Agrilinks and Gender in Food Security

This November, Agrilinks is highlighting the importance of gender in food security. We’d like to invite you and your networks to contribute content on the topic. We will explore what development practitioners have learned about implementing gender-sensitive programs and policies. We hope you'll contribute with a blog post, event, discussion, sharing technical resource, or posing a question. It’s a great way to showcase your work and network with more than 12,000 members in the Agrilinks community.

To submit content, first sign up as a member on Once signed in to your profile, click on the post button on the home page, upload your text and supplemental resources such as images and documents, and it will go into the moderation queue for the Agrilinks team to approve and slot into the editorial calendar (typically going up within a week’s time). Agrilinks receives a high number of submissions each month, so the sooner it’s received, the better chance it has to get a prominent placement in promotions. Additional information for posting on Agrilinks is attached.

Thanks in advance for considering contributing; please write to with any questions.

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