JOB OPPORTUNITY: Oxfam Consultancy: Writing synthesis report on Women’s Land Rights in Africa

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Oxfam, through the Pan Africa Programme commissioned 5 case studies on women’s land rights in 5 countries in Africa The case studies were meant to examine national laws and policies, programmes and practices that secure and protect women’s land rights and profile successes and challenges in relations to securing women land rights. Oxfam intends to use the case studies developed to influence, learn and advocate for secure women’s land rights both at country, regional and international level.


Objectives of the Assignment


The assignment aims to produce a synthesis report, that draw on the case study reports and other materials to provide a consolidated report on the status of women’s land rights in Africa that can be used in national, regional and international advocacy for the strengthening and securing women’s land rights.


The objectives of the Assignment are to:

  1. Go over the 5 case study country reports on women’s land rights from Senegal, Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda and Kenya.
  2. Read other available and recent materials on women’s land rights in Africa from Oxfam, the AU Land Policy Initiative, the Kilimanjaro Rural Women’s Forum and other organisations and academics.
  3. Compile a synthesized report on women’s land rights in Africa that draws on the 5 case studies and other materials and is suitable for publication and use in lobbying.
  4. The paper produced should be approximately 20 pages long, conform to the style used for Oxfam Briefing Notes, and contain reference to the five country studies, other relevant materials, and make recommendations for action.
  5. Draft a blog that summaries the report and is suitable for publication on-line.


Consultants Profile/Qualification

Prospective consultants must have:

  • Masters Degree or higher in Social Science or related field,
  • At least 7 years relevant experience carrying out land and women related assignments.
  • An in-depth knowledge and understanding of women’s land rights issues in Africa.
  • Previous experience in similar assignments; and specifically in gender and land rights studies
  • Experience in carrying out situational analysis on women and land rights issues.
  • Excellent oral and report writing skills, including a proven track record in writing succinct, analytical publications and reports;


Application Procedure

Interested consultants are expected to send an expression of interest (Maximum 4 pages) demonstrating their suitability for the tasks, sample of previously written reports, past experience of conducting similar tasks.  The consultants should also send a financial proposal, including a breakdown of consultants’ daily rates on or before 30th June, 2017 to

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