EVENT: The Birdsall House Conference on Women Nov 2-3


The Birdsall House Conference Series on Women will hold a two day conference on November 2-3 to identify and bring attention to leading research and scholarly findings on women's empowerment in the fields of development economics, behavioral economics, and political economy.

On November 2nd, academics, private sector representatives, and policymakers will discuss the potential of ‘beyond-aid’ approaches to stoke change in gender norms and practices worldwide, with a particular focus on the private sector. How can businesses go beyond traditional forms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to integrate gender equality concerns into their value chains? How can the banking sector narrow gaps in access to formal financial services? And how can international policymaking levers such as trade agreements play a role in combatting gender discrimination?

What Works and How to Measure It (November 3)

Co-hosted by Data2X/UN Foundation, and International Development Research Centre and CGD, the session will discuss, first, new evidence on what works to empower women economically and, second, how to measure the subjective dimension of economic empowerment. Interventions such as savings and micro-credit, and mentors and networks will be examined -- Which work best, for whom and why? An update of the evidence in A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment will provide insights on these questions.

What do we know about how to capture 'economic empowerment'? What measures have been used? Are measures such as happiness and well-being relevant? Researchers commissioned to reflect on these questions will present and discuss views informed by the up-to-date evidence.

Register and view the full agenda here. 

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