UN Women Virtual Dialogue and Webinar: Theory of Change and Feminist Pedagogies in Training for Gender Equality

Despite its growing popularity, training for gender equality currently lacks conceptual clarity on two core issues: a theory of how change occurs through training; and how feminist pedagogical principles can be applied to training to evoke such change. To generate debate on these issues, the UN Women Training Centre will host a Virtual Dialogue from 3rd to 21st October, 2016.

In the second week of the Dialogue, a live hour-long English-language Webinar will be held. Invited gender equality experts and feminist trainers will give short (5 minute) presentations on Theories of Change, feminist pedagogies and the evaluation of training for gender equality. Following these presentations, the Moderator will pose additional questions with the aim of generating debate between the panel members. CoP members are invited to submit questions to the experts via the CoP platform’s online Webinar chat facility. These will be posed on their behalf by the Moderator who will closely monitor the online Webinar chat function. A recording of the panel discussion will be posted to the CoP.

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