EVENT: Forum on Empowerment through Household Methodologies

Date: 27-29 June
Venue: IFAD HQ, Italian Conference Room (webcast available)

IFAD, Oxfam and Hivos are jointly organizing a "Forum on Empowerment through Household Methodologies" (Rome, 27 - 29 June 2016)  for practitioners and key players, with a special focus on Gender Action Learning System (GALS).
The Forum will gather experts and champions in household methodologies, including from IFAD supported projects in ESA and WCA, and observers from NGOs, UN agencies and private sector. The first day of the Forum will have a more public format (with webcast) and include presentations of experiences with household methodologies and GALS, achievements and impact.  Participants will discuss how these approaches have been used in value chain development, rural finance and extension services. This will be followed by working groups on methodologies;  capacity development; monitoring and impact assessment; knowledge management and networking; and partnerships and modalities for implementation.

Rome-based colleagues are welcome to attend. To register, please contact the IFAD Gender Team at gender@ifad.org

Concept note - Household Methodologies Forum

Agenda - Household Methodologies

Webcasting available at: http://webcasting.ifad.org/HHM

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