EVENT: June 20, From citizen security to food security: a cross-sector discussion of violence in Central America

On June 20, 3:00-4:30 PM EST, InnovATE is sponsoring an online panel discussion on Agrilinks.org called "From Citizen Security to Food Security: A Cross-Sector Discussion of Violence in Central America." InnovATE began looking at this issue to investigate why youth, and young men in particular, were dropping out of the agricultural education system at alarming rates in Central America. In addition to young males, high violence rates affect all youth and women, as well. It became clear that violence in Central America is a pervasive, complex issue that requires a pervasive, complex response from across sectors working to end hunger and poverty.

Please join us for this important discussion. See the full event description and panelists, and register for the event on Agrilinks.org.

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