Bearing the fruit of action: Gender-responsive participatory research and collective management of Native Fruit Trees

Participants create a Resource Map, showing the natural features of their landscape. Photo by Srinivas

A new post by Narasimha Hegde of LIFE Trust, Hugo A. H. Lamers of Bioversity International, and Marlene Elias of Bioversity International on the Landscapes for People, Food, and Nature blog discusses gender-responsive participatory action research methods for the sustainable management of native fruit trees.

Identifying knowledge differences between men and women from different socio-religious and cultural groups, and subsequently providing exposure on value chains and product development for NFTs were critical steps that led to positive changes in livelihoods, gender equality and social inclusion, and forest genetic resource management. The research process started with participatory exercises to understand, share and learn from the men and women in the village about their knowledge of native fruit trees.

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