Video: Beyond Gender Myths – Closing the Knowledge Gap in Agriculture and Food Security

There is now growing recognition of the importance of attention to gender for agricultural productivity and food security.  However, many “gender myths” persist; myths that either underestimate or overstate the importance of women’s roles and resources.  In order to close the gender gap in productivity or assets, there is a need to close the knowledge gap.  This policy seminar presented evidence gathered for a new volume of studies titled "Gender in Agriculture and Food Security: Closing the Knowledge Gap".

At this event, Terri Raney highlighted key messages of the State of Food and Agriculture report on gender and agriculture, and how this report has catalyzed new research on gender and agriculture.  The gender asset gap and its implications for agricultural and rural development was presented by Agnes Quisumbing.  Ruth Meinzen-Dick discussed one type of capital—social capital—and how it interacts with gender in agricultural development programs.  Lastly, Deborah Rubin talked about promoting gender-equitable agricultural value chains.

For more information, see the event page here.

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