Policy Brief: Women and Food Insecurity

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women (CSW) is dedicated to supporting research that promotes social justice and equality and disseminating it widely. I am writing today to share with you CSW’s recently initiated publications series rethinking public policy on gender, sexuality, and women’s issues. Each CSW Policy Brief presents research in support of a policy change that would substantially improve the health and well being ofwomen and their families.

As recent reports have documented, food insecurity is rising around the world. Because this issue is pressing globally, nationally, and locally, we selected “Women and Food Insecurity” as the focus of the first set of CSW Policy Briefs. While the global recession is a contributing factor–, our research shows that certain policy initiatives can have an unintended negative consequence on the food security of women and families. Because International Food Policy Research Institute has a long history of interest and advocacy in this area, we hope that the research presented in these briefs will be useful to your group in advancing its mission.

Links to the individual policy briefs on our website are included below:

Reducing Food Insecurity among Female Farm Workers and their Children

U.S. Farm Bill Makes Women and Children Food Insecure

Reductions in SNAP Increase Health Risks for Food Insecure Women

Helping Local Stores with WIC Certification Will Yield Better Food Options for All

Improving Health Outcomes for Populations Affected by Intimate Partner Violence and Food Insecurity

Reinstate Project Grow! Targeting Food Insecurity Among Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

All the CSW Policy Briefs are also available from the California Digital Library (http://escholarship.org/uc/search?entity=csw_policybriefs). If you would like to receive a printed copy of the set of briefs, please let me know.

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