Resource: Guide to Gender-Aware Post-Disaster Needs Assessment

United Nations Development Programme Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Post-disaster experience reveals that: (i) women and men are affected by natural disasters in similar and different ways; and (ii) recovery activities are often effective when they reflect and address the articulated needs, priorities and interests of both women and men. There is also growing recognition that women play important roles in recovery processes, despite perceptions about women’s roles and place in public and private spheres.

Post-Disaster Needs Assessment outlines how to:

i) Collect post-disaster quantitative and qualitative sex- and age-disaggregated data across sectors; ii) Identify post-disaster resilience and vulnerabilities of women, girls, boys and men who experience multiple forms of marginalization which class/caste, ethnic/racial, rural/urban distinctions may intensify; iii) Identify post-disaster context-specific needs and priorities of a!ected communities and authorities, and the gendered dimensions therein; iv) Identify public and private multi-sectoral strategies, mechanisms and processes that serve to reinforce gender-aware, community-based, spontaneous recovery initiatives; and v) Enhance post-disaster recovery planning through inter-agency collaboration and shared response to identified gender-aware sectoral needs.

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