Resources: The Asian Development Bank’s Support to Gender and Development Phase I Evaluation Report Relevance, Responsiveness, and Results to Date

This special evaluation study assesses implementation effectiveness of ADB’s 1998 Policy on Gender and Development (GAD) through an analysis of its relevance, responsiveness, and results to date. The evaluation is designed to be conducted in two phases. Phase I, covered in this report, is based mainly on a desk review of about 500 related documents, supplemented by interviews with gender focal points in ADB headquarters.

Phase II (scheduled in 2010) will examine Policy implementation from the point of view of ADB’s resident missions, developing member countries (DMCs), and other stakeholders through selected field studies. This Policy, its operationalization measures, and the evolution of ADB's strategic agenda culminating in the adoption of the Long-Term Strategic Framework of the Asian Development Bank (2008–2020) or Strategy 2020, set the context for this evaluation on ADB's support for GAD over 1998 to 2008.

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